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Counterfeit Club Warning

Consumers around the world have been duped into purchasing so-called "brand new, authentic Callaway Golf products,” which turn out to be low-quality fakes. Many of these sales occur on and other online retail and auction websites; such sales of counterfeit Callaway Golf products have dramatically increased in recent years.

How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of counterfeiters? The following guidelines will help you purchase genuine Callaway Golf products:

  1. Are you purchasing from an authorized Callaway Golf retailer? If not, you are more likely to purchase a counterfeit product.
  2. If the price for Callaway Golf product seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Does the seller explain his willingness to part with the clubs at a low price by claiming that he "won the clubs” in a tournament or raffle, or that they were "a gift” that he doesn’t need? Sellers of counterfeit Callaway Golf clubs on the Internet often use stories like these to deceive consumers.
  4. Physically inspect the product if you can. Many Callaway Golf club heads have crowns made of carbon composite. Counterfeiters often substitute metal for the crowns of counterfeit versions of these clubs and paint it to resemble carbon composite. If you tap a metal object, such as a key or coin, on the section of the head that is supposed to be carbon composite, and it makes a pinging sound, the club is likely counterfeit. A much softer sound will result from tapping a metal object against the composite crown of an authentic head.
  5. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of Callaway Golf product offered on the Internet or elsewhere, please contact Callaway Golf and ask for assistance. Doing so will greatly reduce your chances of buying counterfeit goods.

To obtain authentic Callaway Golf clubs, buy only from authorized retailers listed in our website locator, or purchase online from Callaway Golf. For certified used Callaway Golf clubs buy from an authorized retailer or go to Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. Should you have a question, or require advice on how to purchase authentic Callaway Golf clubs, please call 800-588-9836, or email us at

To report a suspected counterfeit product, please email us at and include the following information:

  1. Seller’s name and contact info (including URL);
  2. Description of products purchased or offered for sale; and
  3. Evidence suggesting that the products are counterfeit.

Callaway Golf cannot reimburse you for, or repair, counterfeit product, but it is actively involved in enforcement efforts against counterfeiters around the globe, and any information about counterfeit product that you can provide will help our efforts. To learn more about Callaway Golf’s efforts to fight counterfeiters and to protect consumers from counterfeit products, please visit