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We Ransacked Branden Grace’s Bag & This Is What We Found


AJ Voelpel

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — The following went down at a Callaway content shoot two days before The Players Championship.

Us: “Hey Branden, do you mind if we rummage neatly go through your bag?”

Branden Grace: “Sure, go for it guys.”

And so we did…

Okay, big pockets first. Let's gooooo!
Four Tour Authentic Gloves for starters...
Just so he knows this one is his.
Anti golf tan cream.
Words of wisdom.
Snacks on snacks on snacks (we see you Peanut M&Ms).
golfdotz for daysss.
Callaway fairway wood headcover from the 2015 PGA Championship (Whistling Straits).
Amanda sees one more thing buried down below. WHAT ON EARTH IS IT!?
Well that was anticlimactic 🙁
So this is where we're at so far just in case you're keeping tabs at home, sans the sneakers (those are Amanda's).
Panel pocket is a popular spot for rain gear.
Time to check the top pocket...
Two iPhones.
This OFFICIAL leather yardage book from the 2015 Presidents Cup.
Where do you think you're going with Branden's Wallet Amanda? (That's him in the background.)
Oh and what is this shiny piece hiding at the bottom?
Just a beautiful Audemars Piguet watch, nbd.
One more pocket to go (this one looks fat too)...
Pencils...with erasers (don't think we didn't notice Branden).
Perhaps a lovely pair of sunglasses?
Nope, just some custom green golf tees.
A Sharpie for every day of the month year.
And two different colored chapsticks to boot!
Oh right, and golf clubs.
Enjoy the cleanup, Amanda...I'm gonna go watch Grace fly our drone 🙂
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