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[Photo Gallery] Matt Every Taught Kids The Secrets of the Pros

Callaway Golf Admin

Listen, if I was a member of the The First Tee, I’d probably want to learn the game from a 2-time PGA winner too. Chances are they might know what they’re talking about.

Matt Every, alongside the PGA TOUR, hosted a clinic for hundreds of kids from The First Tee Metropolitan New York on Tuesday of Barclays week at Plainfield West 9 Golf Course (which is located directly across the street from Plainfield Country Club).

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Every was bombarded with questions (such as how do you deal with pressure) and challenges (one youngster demanded a long drive contest, which he casually lost) throughout the 60 minute session.

Took guts to be the first volunteer of the day…

And she DID NOT disappoint with her strike.

This guy INSISTED he use Matt’s Great Big Berthamatt-every-first-tee-13

A mighty THWACK he took… matt-every-first-tee-2

But they decided to trade for something a bit more fitting…matt-every-first-tee-10

The short iron was much better.matt-every-first-tee-9

This youngster said he was recently introduced to the game. matt-every-first-tee-7

So Matt showed him a correct grip…matt-every-first-tee-8

And proper alignment.matt-every-first-tee-12

A *few* autographs after the clinic.matt-every-first-tee-6

Where’d Matty go? 

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