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Welcome To The X2 Hot Lessons With Leadbetter Series


Callaway Collaborative

We’re pretty spoiled here at Callaway. Our incredible R&D Team has outdone themselves this year with a 2014 lineup that features the X2 Hot Family of DriversFairway WoodsHybrids and Irons. They’re all built with the kind of technology that delivers more ball speed and distance – and more distance never gets old.

We also have David Leadbetter, one of the most legendary names in golf instruction, on our staff and that got us thinking. We have the X2 Hot line and a world class instructor – let’s combine the two for a 10-part lesson series, complete with quick, easy-to-follow videos from David himself!

Over the next few weeks, he’ll tell you how to hit a draw, how to hit drives with more power,  how to control your trajectory, and a whole lot more. David will use our X2 Hot clubs to show you the shots you need for every round.

We think this series will help players who want to step up their performance, hammer longer drives, hit more greens and shoot lower scores.

That’s the thinking, now let’s dive into it. Here’s our first entry in the X2 Hot Lessons With Leadbetter Series – Hit Better Drives.


Let’s face it, we love the long ball, and when we see Tour Pros hammer drives over 300, 325, even 335+ yards, it makes us want to pick up extra distance off the tee. Good news – David Leadbetter is here to help.

In this video, David plays a new X2 Hot Driver and shows you how to adjust your setup to hit solid drives. You want to sweep the ball, so put it forward in your stance, a little more weight on your back foot, pop your left hip up in the air and “stay behind” the ball. Trust us, you’re going to hit your driver really, really well.