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What We Learned From Michelle Wie’s Vice Sports Episode

Ollie Brewer



“Happiness is the most important thing and that’s what you gotta find.”

-Michelle Wie

Michelle Sung Wie was only 13 when the world discovered her phenomenal talent, and it wasn’t long before she was labelled golf’s “next big thing.”  She’s since become one of the sport’s brightest stars and recently shared her story in a new Vice Sports “Sitdown” episode. Here’s what we learned about Michelle in this great profile:

She had to cope with the burdens of being a teen phenom. For Michelle, achieving fame and success at such a young age proved to be a blessing and a curse. She recalls feeling that golf had consumed her life.  She also remembers enduring intense pressure when her performance suffered. Fortunately, she was supported by great friends who couldn’t have cared less about her game.

Stanford was the best four and a half years of her life. Michelle’s family placed immense value on education and expected her to attend college.  Though she initially resented having to take time away from golf, she now considers her decision to attend Stanford to be the best she’s ever made.

Michelle’s favorite club is her GBB Epic Driver. Though she works to perfect her swing with every club at the range, she especially enjoys hitting her driver.

Here’s Her Full WITB 

She’s a devout Lord of the Rings fan.  Michelle has found a way to celebrate Tolkien’s work through her clubs.  Callaway wedge stamper Anthony Taranto has engraved her Mack Daddy Forged Wedges with symbols and quotes like “My precious,” “You shall not pass!” and “One ring to rule them all.”

She makes time for regular workouts. Experience has taught her that golf is, after all, a physical activity and that she needs to be fit to reach her maximum potential.

Michelle believes that life’s most important achievement is happiness.  Despite all her success in golf, Michelle knows that it wouldn’t be worthwhile if it didn’t make her happy.


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