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Callaway, GBB Epic Win LPGA Driver Count

AJ Voelpel

GBB Epic reached another amazing milestone over the weekend, as Callaway won the LPGA Driver count and GBB Epic was the #1 Driver model at the event. There were 34 GBB Epics in play, which accounted for nearly 25 percent of the field.

The immediate Tour conversion for our new driver has been amazing. In the first LPGA event of 2017, 23 players used an Epic, 16 of whom were not Callaway staffers.

Why is this so significant? Well there are a few reasons. For one, most of the LPGA players are switching to Epic without our endorsement. The change has obviously been performance based, an in fact 28 of the players who used it are not under contract with us.

Over on the PGA Tour, we had the highest immediate conversion ever for a Callaway Driver, and now almost all of our staffers are using a Standard or Sub Zero model. And two weeks ago on the European Tour, there were 35 Epics in play.

Of course, we are also proud to say that GBB Epic Drivers were the #1 selling drivers at retail in January. This year is off to an unbelievable start, and we’re excited to keep it going.

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